What We Believe

We've all been there, ready to throw the phone across the room, feeling overwhelmed by how to best care for our special kiddo, and seeking others who understand. Our kids' care coordination falls to us and sometimes we'd benefit from a little help. How do we find people like us? I'm building the community that I wanted but that didn't exist when I was starting my journey parenting my daughter with special needs. I'm building this for me and I'm building this for you. Come and learn more so we can become empowered together.

Pilot Details

To test these beliefs, we’re running a 5-week, virtual pilot June 28th - July 30th and looking for participants. Our hypothesis is that working moms based in the US will benefit most from what we’re creating and this pilot puts that to the test. If you're a stay-at-home caregiver and this approach sounds interesting, please consider joining the pilot. We'll have a range of caregivers participating. We’re selecting a small cohort to ensure participants have the best experience possible.

In terms of what you can expect:

Our ideal pilot participants will be:

During the pilot, we commit to: